Who We Are

Kables Computer Services is a company engineered to support and assist Emergency Service organizations with technology needs and enhancements. Kables was established in 2003 with the goal of enhancing end user experiences with technology and incorporation into the work place. The company’s focus over the years has grown from direct customer support towards support of crucial services and the need of immediate turn around. The support staff of Kables have made it a mission to merge two spheres of interest to deliver world class IT support for emergency services. Several staff members are experienced Emergency Responders; which allows the company an insider’s look on the crucial role that technology plays in emergency services.

Our Commitment to the Community

Our technicians understand the culture of firefighters and the tools needed to complete top quality responses. The experience and emergency knowledge each Kables technician provides ensures a vast knowledge of modern products and equipment currently being used in the field. This allows the technicians to reduce down periods and restore service when time is a factor for your agency, practitioners and most importantly patients.

Who we Serve

Kables Computer Service currently services several EMS and Fire agencies in the Greater Rochester area, which ensures that we are in tune and able to adapt quickly to upcoming industry changes.

Services Offered

  • PC Installation Services/Maintenance
  • Server Updating and Performance Evaluations
  • Technical Training/General IT Education
  • Future Application Planning and Integration
  • IT Consultant Services for department growth and Technology Enhancements
  • Security Audits, Vulnerability Prevention, and System Restoration
  • Network Maintenance and growth to include Cable Management
  • etc.

Contact Us:

Phone: (585) 496-HERO (4376)

Email: info@kablescs.com